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Fridhgard Fellowship Logo

The Fridhgard Fellowship Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to studying and celebrating the ancestral religion of the Nordic tribes indigenous to Northwest Europe.

The Fellowship was conceived to better engage our families and local communities in the celebration of the Old Ways of our Nordic ancestors.

The Fridhgard’s logo represents the three gifts of the gods in Nordic lore, given to humans when we were made, Ond, Od, and La. The symbol has many layers of meaning, also illustrating our organizational structure, consisting of three interlocking rings.

The outer ring establishes a traditional sanctuary called a fridhgard, inside which violence is banned. It is a sacred sanctuary offering solace even to outlaws, who may safely alight at our gatherings. All are indeed welcome.

Each inner ring symbolizes a different group of society members, namely:

Dano Hammer reading a folk-tale.
Dano Hammer reading Nordic folk-tale. Photo: Gayle Mavor
  1. – Members of the public, our communities and our families.
  2. – Knowledgeable members, such as teachers, researchers, professionals and lay-experts.
  3. – The religiously devout and priestess and priests of our ancestral religion.

We are based on coastal British Columbia, Canada, including the Gulf Islands and Vancouver Island.

Founding members formed the organization in 2009, and have been preparing for an official launch of the society in 2012. We are presently looking for help in a number of areas, including web-development for the official site (presently somewhat out of date) at http://fridhgard.org.

Cofounder Dano Hammer, aka Dan Ralph Miller, is finalizing manuscripts for publication on several books on the topic of the revival, celebration and preservation of tribal culture soon to be available to order on the Books page.


For more information, email host@fridhgard.org

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